The GOLD has a program of data gathering, player assessment and promotion that, along with the coaching staff’s personal contacts and word-of-mouth connections, is used to attract and sign the best local college prospects. The final decision on players rests with the Head Coach, and is based upon each player’s passion for play and potential for development, performance and advancement. Players sign a GOLD Contract to confirm their choice of the GOLD as their exclusive summer team. If you have questions about the team, and especially if you wish to seek a roster spot with the GOLD in 2017, please email: [email protected].


Midco Sports Cable Network will live-telecast seven or more home games and live-stream all league home games, offering a special Wednesday Night Baseball Game of the Week feature throughout the 2017 regular season. They also will live-telecast bonus coverage of all home League Playoff games. Midco’s subscriber base reaches up to 350,000 viewers, which brings a new, exciting and focused attention to the team and its players.


Certified Athletic Trainers from Sanford Health will be part of the GOLD’s ongoing support staff, providing athletic training services for the benefit and protection of field participants during all GOLD home games.


All GOLD players will travel by Charter Bus, with overnight hotel accommodations and partial meal allowances provided for a limited number of weekend series. Player travel to and from road games in a player’s private vehicle is prohibited.


The typical summer roster is 22 – 26 players. By NCAA regulation, the GOLD cannot (and does not) engage any coach who is or may be associated with an NCAA player who is on the GOLD’s summer roster. A GOLD player is typically enrolled in the spring term prior to the summer season, but does not have to have college eligibility left. No player shall be older than 26 years of age as of the end of the playing season.


Players must have and maintain their own health insurance, either as a part of their family’s plan or an individual plan. Each player will be asked to give the insurance company name and the policy number when filling out the GOLD contract form. The GOLD does not carry secondary insurance on any player.


Players must agree to sign a waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement (provided) as part of their participation with the team.


Occasional player practices or team meetings are to be expected and attended as part of the normal playing season.


Every GOLD player will participate with the team in at least one charitable or major benevolent cause during the season. Player support for youth baseball, through on-field clinics or other participation, complements the team mission and vision, as well.